It’s Time To Winterize Your Sprinkler System!

Idaho Falls Sprinkler Winterization and Winterize Lawn Treatment – Now Scheduling Service

Temperatures are beginning to drop and Fall is in the air. It’s time to start thinking about getting the right treatment to winterize your lawn. September is notorious for the return of the dandelion. Although we’re not seeing a ton of the yellow blossoms, the leaves are popping up everywhere. Getting an application of herbicide on the lawn now helps to get a head start on weed control in the spring. However, we don’t just use products that control dandelion and clover, we use heavy-duty 4-way herbicides that are effective on the hard to kill weed pests such as morning glory, bindweed, and even the dreaded Canadian thistle.

Idaho Falls yard fertilizer to winterize a lawnAlong with effective herbicides, we also apply a fall iron treatment that helps your lawn store nutrients over the winter. A lawn needs more than just nitrogen to be healthy. Micronutrients are essential for healthy grassroots. Some of these include potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, and calcium. This treatment is great to do right after fall aeration to help get these nutrients deeper into the soil.

Fall is also a perfect time to fertilize trees. Trees also store nutrients over the winter. When fertilizers are injected into the trunks or roots of trees they sit dormant in the vascular tissue and roots. As soon as the tree begins uptaking water in the spring, the fertilizers are distributed throughout the entire tree, giving them a boost just when they need it. The benefit of fall tree fertilization is that the tree is more likely to store the nutrients in the roots, with the remainder being reserved for the other tissues of the tree when it resumes growth and expansion in the spring. Healthy roots equal healthy trees.

Finally, it’s time to start thinking about sprinkler winterization. We generally start around the 10th of October and run through the middle of November. Why winterize? Because the small fee we charge for this service is much less of a cost than sprinkler repairs in the spring. We use compressed air to empty every zone in the system as well as main lines, backflow valves, and garden faucets. Backflow valves need special care to prevent damage from ice. Ball valves must be turned a certain way to keep water out of the ball ports even after the water has been blown out of the system. People do this incorrectly all the time. Ball valves crack in the spring even though a winterization has been done. Don’t let this be you! Call us to blow out your system and drain things properly!

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