Secure Your Snow Plow Service In Idaho Falls Before The Snow Flies

Person Shoveling Snow On A Path As A Part Of Snow Plow Services in Idaho Falls

Winter in Idaho Falls always seems to come earlier than folks expect. And once the snow starts flying, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the work that comes with it. Sidewalks and driveways will need to be shoveled and de-iced. This becomes especially important if you are a business property owner or renter. You will have business traffic coming and going, so it is important that your business has clear driveways, parking lots, and walkways to keep customers and employees safe and welcome.  

Idaho Falls Snow Plow Service Keeps You Working On Your Business, Not Your Snow Removal

When you are running a business, that is your focus; your customers, your employees, your day to day tasks. If you wake up to half a foot of overnight snowfall, now your focus is on getting to work hours early to shovel snow! Unless, of course, you have secured your Idaho Falls snow plow service before it snows. YardTech has your solution! You can hire our professional YardTech team to remove snow from sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, even the roof of your building.

For a small monthly fee (based on area of service), our techs remove snow from your business property anytime a snowstorm drops more than an inch of snow. So this means if there is an overnight snowfall, it gets removed by morning. If the snow accumulates an inch during the day, it gets removed that day. Yardtech is ready to go, day or night, with plow trucks, salters, snowblowers, and other snow removal equipment to make sure your business is cleared of snow in an efficient and quick fashion.  

When You Look For Snow Plow Service In Idaho Falls, Call Us First!

If you need to schedule any snow removal this winter for your business or business property, you can always search “snow plow near me” in your search engine. Or, you can give us a call to answer any questions you may have and set up an appointment for snow removal now or in the future.

Remember, we can clear snow from sidewalks, driveways, access roads, parking lots, and even from roofs to keep your customers and employees safe and comfortable. This winter, let YardTech, Inc. keep up with the snow removal, so you can keep up with your business.  Give us a call, or visit our contact page for more information and to schedule your business snow removal now.

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When To Call YardTech For Sprinkler Repair

Idaho Falls Sprinkler repair Services

Sprinkler systems are a wonderful thing for home and business owners! They can be programmed to water for exactly how long your yard should be watered, how much it needs to be watered and where the water should be directed. This system saves time, water, and money for people.  Homeowners can even leave for periods of time for vacations, weekends, etc. and still come home to a green lawn without having to find someone to water their lawn during their absence. No hoses, no sprinkler heads to deal with. Yes, sprinkler systems are a fantastic investment. However, they do also need routine maintenance and occasionally sprinkler repair.  

How To Know If Your Sprinkler System Needs Repair

  • Uneven Or Low Pressure – if you notice that the pressure of the water coming out of the sprinkler heads are lower than normal, stronger than normal, or uneven among all of the heads, there may be an issue within the control valves, the regulator, or the irrigation piping. Low pressure can result in uneven watering and wilting of grass, and too much pressure can wear down your system, so it’s a good idea to have this pressure issue resolved.
  • Leaking Control Valves – The control valves deliver the correct amount of water to each head and area of your yard. If these valves are leaking, or seeping water, it’s a sign that you may need sprinkler repair. Leaky valves cause wasting of water resources and can lead to damp spots in your yard which can bring other problems.
  • Sprinkler Heads That Spit Out Water – if any of the sprinkler heads are spitting or sputtering out water or spraying out of the normal way, this is a sign of a valve issue, or there could be cracks or damage to the sprinkler head. This is cause for maintenance or sprinkler system repair.
  • Unusually High Water Bill – A higher than normal monthly water bill is a pretty good indicator that there is a leak in the irrigation system or somewhere else in your sprinkler system that needs repaired.  
  • Uneven Water Spray From Heads – If areas of your yard aren’t getting enough water, or too much water, or the heads are spraying the driveway and sidewalks, there is an issue with the heads of the sprinkler system or a valve that may need repaired.

If you have any of these concerns with your sprinkler system, it is a good idea to have it looked at by a professional. A YardTech technician will come to your home or business and check out the sprinkler system to determine if anything in the system needs to be adjusted or repaired. The YardTech team is trained to repair and maintain your sprinkler system to keep it running efficiently and reliably. You can reach YardTech easily through our contact page here on our website. We will come to your home or business and inspect the system to identify any issues and then consult with you to have your sprinkler system repaired quickly and professionally. Contact us today!

Lawn Mowing Services Near You For Effortless And Beautiful Yards Year Round!

Idaho Falls Lawn Mowing Specialist Weed Whacking A Lawn

There is a lot to be said about the “Golden Years”, a peaceful retirement, more free time for hobbies and being with loved ones, maybe some extra travel opportunities, and hopefully some well deserved rest. Except for all the time you spend in your yard fighting weeds, constantly mowing, raking, and trimming.  Then there is the prepping the yard for winter and prepping again for summer… and in southeast Idaho, the time spent watering the grass and garden. It’s plenty of work and time that could be spent on other things. It would be great if some of that work could be done by someone else!

If you live in the Idaho Falls area, it can be!  YardTech offers lawn mowing services near you!  In addition to our sprinkler system service and pest management service, we can also come to your home and keep your grass trim and tidy, because you have better things to do!

Idaho Falls Lawn Mowing Services For Retirees And Senior Citizens 

At some point you may decide that pushing around a lawn mower is just not something you want to do anymore, but you still want to have a presentable yard. Cleaning the lawn mower, getting gas, keeping up with the maintenance is also work and maybe it’s time to just leave all of it to someone else to manage. Summertime is when most of the mowing is done, and Idaho falls summers can get warm. Luckily, there is a reputable and reliable lawn mowing service near you!  we bring our own equipment to your home on your schedule.

We neatly and efficiently mow your yard on your timetable. Your yard will always look beautiful, and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of equipment, or with the cleanup and grass clippings. We remove all yard debris and you are left with a gorgeous lawn! Our service availability is Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5 pm, so you won’t wake up early to a loud mowing crew! 

In addition to our lawn mowing services near you, we also make sure edges look tidy with a weed eater and edger, leaves and clippings are cleaned up, and yard is dethatched, so grass always grows optimally. 

You can read more about our yard services here.  Give us a call for a quote, or request information from our website!  We can’t wait to be your yard service provider in Idaho Falls!

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Spring Yard Services

lawn care services sign

With the lovely warm Spring weather also comes the dreaded yard work. The snow melts away and our yards become exposed, begging us to show it some love and care. You can make your job easier by hiring professionals to aid you in your Spring clean-up lawn and yard care. YardTech offers many services to help get your yard in tip-top shape and looking great including:

sprinkler repair and installs

Let YardTech help you be proud of your yard and landscape. With our professional services and experienced technicians, we can get your yard looking amazing in no time. Once we have worked on your yard you will want to show it off and host all the yard parties. Here at YardTech, we offer premium lawn and yard services at affordable pricing and uncompromising value. Call today to get your free estimate on your desired yard services.

It’s Time To Winterize Your Sprinkler System!

East Idaho Sprinkler Winterization

Idaho Falls Sprinkler Winterization and Winterize Lawn Treatment – Now Scheduling Service

Temperatures are beginning to drop and Fall is in the air. It’s time to start thinking about getting the right treatment to winterize your lawn. September is notorious for the return of the dandelion. Although we’re not seeing a ton of the yellow blossoms, the leaves are popping up everywhere. Getting an application of herbicide on the lawn now helps to get a head start on weed control in the spring. However, we don’t just use products that control dandelion and clover, we use heavy-duty 4-way herbicides that are effective on the hard to kill weed pests such as morning glory, bindweed, and even the dreaded Canadian thistle.

Idaho Falls yard fertilizer to winterize a lawnAlong with effective herbicides, we also apply a fall iron treatment that helps your lawn store nutrients over the winter. A lawn needs more than just nitrogen to be healthy. Micronutrients are essential for healthy grassroots. Some of these include potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, and calcium. This treatment is great to do right after fall aeration to help get these nutrients deeper into the soil.

Fall is also a perfect time to fertilize trees. Trees also store nutrients over the winter. When fertilizers are injected into the trunks or roots of trees they sit dormant in the vascular tissue and roots. As soon as the tree begins uptaking water in the spring, the fertilizers are distributed throughout the entire tree, giving them a boost just when they need it. The benefit of fall tree fertilization is that the tree is more likely to store the nutrients in the roots, with the remainder being reserved for the other tissues of the tree when it resumes growth and expansion in the spring. Healthy roots equal healthy trees.

Finally, it’s time to start thinking about sprinkler winterization. We generally start around the 10th of October and run through the middle of November. Why winterize? Because the small fee we charge for this service is much less of a cost than sprinkler repairs in the spring. We use compressed air to empty every zone in the system as well as main lines, backflow valves, and garden faucets. Backflow valves need special care to prevent damage from ice. Ball valves must be turned a certain way to keep water out of the ball ports even after the water has been blown out of the system. People do this incorrectly all the time. Ball valves crack in the spring even though a winterization has been done. Don’t let this be you! Call us to blow out your system and drain things properly!

Call Rock at 208-357-9129 to schedule any of these services. Schedule two or more services and receive 10% off the entire bill! (Includes Pest Control) Hurry because slots are filling up!