Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler System in Idaho FallsThe professionals at Yardtech Inc. have been installing sprinkler systems for over ten years. We only use the latest products and technology.

Tired of that outdated sprinkler timer? Ask about wiFi models that can be controlled using a smartphone. Also, ask about the latest innovation in sprinkler technology. It will revolutionize the industry and save you up to 50% on water consumption. This is important in light of the coming regulation on water usage.

If you’re a Star Pest Control or YardTech customer and already have a sprinkler system, receive a 10% discount on the first pest or lawn application. Just by referring our name to a friend or neighbor!

Also, ask about our sprinkler maintenance programs. These include start-up, repair, backflow testing, and winterization!

Sprinkler Startup

We start with turning on the water to the sprinkler system. Then we will check all backflow valves and zone valves for leaks or wear and tear. Next is programming the sprinkler clock/timer, going through each station, and checking each head for spray accuracy/adjustment. If anything needs to be repaired or replaced additional costs will apply. ($60 an hour plus parts)

Idaho Falls Sprinkler RepairSprinkler Repair

We repair anything and everything that could possibly go wrong with a sprinkler system. That’s a lot! We’re talking clocks, valves, sprinkler heads, backflow valves, mainlines, and underground water valves (curb stops that are buried 4 to 6 six underground). We diagnose & repair wiring problems, pipe sizing and hydraulic issues, sprinkler placement and accuracy problems, dry spots, domestic well pumps that cycle continuously because of poor sprinkler design, and more.

Our estimates for all services are free and usually charge $60/per hour plus parts. We have 9 years of experience in sprinkler repair & design. Through the years we have done many jobs requiring us to add additional lines & zones, replace entire mainlines that were sized wrong, or totally revamp and redesign a poorly designed system. We know how frustrating sprinkler problems can be. Why not let a professional with years of experience take care of your sprinklers for you?

Sprinkler Installation

We have many years of experience installing new sprinkler systems. Our new sprinkler systems come with a full-year warranty on all parts and labor (including callbacks for dry spots or adjustment needs). They also have a three-year warranty on name-brand parts such as Hunter/Rainbird clocks, valves, & sprinkler heads.

We strategically place our heads closer together than our competition. This is because we know that windy days in Idaho can wreak havoc on sprinkler uniformity and accuracy. We guarantee no dry spots! We understand mainline hydraulics and before we pull any pipe or install anything at all we test your water pressure and volume at the source. This helps us know what size mainline to install to optimize the amount of water distribution that needs to get to your lawn and landscape.

We offer free estimates and consultations on sprinkler installs. In fact, we understand that there are customers out there who desire to save money by doing some of the work themselves. For these customers we have a comprehensive sprinkler design and layout plan which includes designing the system, pulling the pipe, installing the main valves (whether in the mechanical room or underground), giving the customer a list of the parts needed (which they can buy from us or purchase from a vendor of their choice), instructing them on how to properly install heads, valves, clocks, fittings, and being available to answer questions. We also give the option of having one of our service technicians come out and install the more complicated items such as timers, zone valves, and electrical wiring (fees apply for this service).