Tree Injections

Tree Injections in Idaho Falls

We offer complete protection for trees against all piercing/sucking and wood boring insects. Our tree technicians are skilled in soil drenching and foliar applications as well as direct injections. We use pesticides that are sprayed directly onto the leaves that provide up to two months of protection from aphids, leaf-miners, spider mites, and scale. We also use systemic products that are soaked into the soil around the trunk that work their way through the vascular system of the tree while exterminating wood boring pests such as pine beetle and emerald ash borer. Although tree drenches are often effective, we encourage our customers to utilize direct tree injections. Injections are a much more efficient method of delivering pesticides and nutrition to the xylem (living) tissue of the tree. The technician drills a series of holes and sets injection plugs just behind the phloem (tissue between the bark and the xylem) tissue and into the xylem (within a year these injection plugs will be healed, the bark will grow back over them with no harm to the tree). Then pesticide or nutrient is injected directly into the tissue of the tree that carries water and nutrients to the leaves. Injections are better than soil drenches and foliar sprays for several reasons: Injections guarantee that all the product and nutrient will get into the tree whereas foliar sprays lose a lot of product due to vapor drift and volatilization (some of these pesticides can drift miles from the application site do to wind and air temperatures which may lead to the targeting of non pests such as honey bees). Drenching the soil around the trunk of the tree can be effective but there is a risk of losing up to 40% of the pesticides efficacy. Organic material, whether dead or alive can absorb nutrient and pesticide before it even enters the vascular system of the tree. This is why tree injections are more effective on target pests and safer for the environment. Another advantage to injections is that most products guarantee a year of protection and prevention from pests and fungus, with other products providing 18 months to two years of protection.

Why Tree Injections?

  1. Up to 70% more efficient than soil drenches, foliage sprays, and root injections.
  2. Environmentally friendly.
  3. Effects last for 18 months to 2 years.
  4. Protects trees against all trunk borers, fungi, and leaf munchers like aphids. And yes, Emerald Ash Borer is heading to Idaho.

Have fruit trees and are worried about industrial chemicals?

We now offer an organic inject-able product for fruit trees that will protect against borers and worms for up to 6 months. Just one application in the spring will get you through the entire season, without having to spray anything on the foliage.