Yard and Lawn Mowing Services

Leave the lawn mowing to YardTech, Inc. No more lost Saturdays. No more running to the gas station to fill your empty gas can. No more worries.

Lawn Mowing Done Right

Do you find yourself Googling “lawn mowing service near me” and finding the same old results offering sub-par yard mowing services? After all, just about anybody can offer yard mowing services if they have a lawn mower and a day off. So, why should you use YardTech, Inc.?

YardTech, Inc. has been in the business of lawn care in Idaho Falls and surrounding areas for years. In addition to our pest control services and our sprinkler system services, our lawn mowing services round out our commitment to quality.

Why Should You Consider YardTech’s Lawn Care Services?

Our lawn care services are easy to schedule. Simply contact us to set up an appointment, hassle-free, for the best day and time that works for you. That’s it. No fuss. No upselling. No worries.

Weed eating and lawn mowing services in Idaho Falls

Our yard mowing service specialists have been hand picked for their dedication to making sure our customers are treated right. They have every tool and every piece of lawn care equipment needed to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

What Is Included With Our Lawn Mowing Services

  • Yard mowing and grass cutting – we use only the best and most reliable lawn cutting equipment available.
  • Cleanup of grass clippings – we don’t leave anything behind. A clean driveway and sidewalks is what you can can expect at the conclusion of our yard mowing services.
  • Yard trimming – everything gets the cut it needs, from sidewalk to front door.
  • Lawn edging – we will give your property a proper, sharp, and beautiful edging.
  • Weed eating – if it’s a weed, it’ll be gone when we’re done.
  • Thatching (dethatching) – thatch is what is left behind when dead grass, leaves, and other organic material build up below your lawn. We’ll remove it for you so that your lawn can thrive.
  • Leaf cleanup – dead leaves are unsightly and can stunt the growth of your grass. We’ll take it all with us when we finish up with your yard mowing services.

What Does Our Yard Mowing Service Cost?

The cost of our lawn mowing services will vary depending on the specific job. As a general guideline, our yard mowing services typically cost $40 to $200 per visit, depending on yard size.

If you require additional services, please do not hesitate to contact YardTech, Inc. at (208) 357-9129 to speak to one of our lawn care experts.