Sprinkler System Winterizing Service

Idaho Falls Sprinkler System Winterizing Service

As soon as it begins to get chilly in the air, it’s time to consider scheduling winterizing service for your sprinkler system. Waiting until it’s too late can be costly and a little prevention will prevent lots of headaches later on.

Why You Need Idaho Falls Sprinkler System Winterizing Service From YardTech, Inc.

Oftentimes, most homeowners put little thought into their sprinkler systems. If the sprinklers are working right, that’s all homeowners really care about and not much more thought goes into them. At least until water shows up where it’s not supposed to. Broken sprinkler heads are easy to diagnose and replace, however, what about when the leak comes from underground?

The water lines that feed your sprinkler heads are typically buried in your yard. After the lines have been installed, there isn’t much that can damage them. But, if water remains in the lines when temperatures fall below freezing, expanding ice may split the lines and cause leakage when everything thaws out. This will leave you and your property in bad shape if not fixed right away.

How To Prevent Ice From Damaging Your Sprinkler System In Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls Sprinkler System Winterizing ServiceIn order to keep expanding ice from damaging your sprinkler system, Idaho Falls sprinkler system winterizing service by YardTech, Inc clear your sprinkler lines of all remaining water, seal the system up, and get it ready for the long winter.

A YardTech, Inc. technician will schedule a time to come to your property. When they arrive, they will perform the following:

  • Inspection for damage and missing components
  • Our technician will turn off the water supply to the irrigation system
  • Depending on the system, our technician might manually drain, automatically drain, or use the blow out method to clear water from the system.
  • Our technician will close up the system and turn the control unit off.

When To Get Idaho Falls Sprinkler System Winterizing Service

YardTech, Inc. recommends Idaho Falls sprinkler system winterizing service before outside temperatures begin to freeze. This is typically in late September all the way to mid-November. Remember, the sooner you winterize your sprinkler system in Idaho Falls, the less likely it is freezing temps will damage your irrigation system. Costs of service will vary depending on the type, size, and accessibility of valves, control units, access lines, and more.

Call YardTech, Inc. today to schedule Idaho Falls sprinkler system winterizing service by calling (208) 357-9129  or fill out the quick form on this page.