Idaho Falls Hydroseeding Services

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Hyrdroseeding Services in Idaho Falls and Rexburg

Why Choose Hydroseeding in Idaho Falls?

Idaho Falls Hydroseeding ServicesThere are many advantages that hydroseeding offers over conventional seeding processes.

Benefits of Hydroseeding

  • Since it is sprayed, hydroseeding can be done on almost any land surfaces including those that are sloped or uneven.
  • Seeds will start to sprout in 5-7 days. Hydroseeding takes about 4-6 weeks for a yard that you can mow to grow, compared to conventional seeding methods which can take several months for you to start to see results.
  • Hydroseeding services in Idaho Falls are cost effective and much cheaper than sod.
  • Hydroseed can be applied anytime between March and October, giving you a large window of time to start growing the lawn of your dreams.
  • Hydroseeding can be used for virtually any type of seeded ground cover; athletic fields, pastures, erosion control, sun or shade mixes, wildflowers and more.
  • Germination is very even, providing cover that doesn’t have patchy or bald spots.
  • One benefit of hydroseeding over sod is healthy grass that has been customized for your soil. Often times sod is laid that is not compatible with the soil it is laid on, resulting in a rejection of the grasses roots. Sod is also cut off at the roots, and can play a huge role in whether or not the grass “takes”.
  • Hydroseeding is a safe and non-toxic method of growing grass. It is harmless to kids, animals, and the environment.

What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a popular landscaping process that is both effective and easily applied. Using a large hose, your Yardtech Inc. technician will spray a special mixture onto a designated area. This mixture is made up of water, seeds, fertilizer, wood mulch, and soil treatments. It is a great option for both small and large areas of land, and is very cost effective. It is also commonly referred to as hydro mulching, hydraseeding, or hydraulic mulch seeding. If you are interested in hydroseeding services in Idaho Falls, Rexburg, or the surrounding southeast Idaho areas, Yardtech Inc. will be happy to help answer any of your questions and get you a quote.

How Does Hydroseeding Work?

When sprayed on the ground, the mulch in the hydroseeding mixture provides a moist, protective coating that helps the seeds to germinate. It acts as a barrier from the sun, wind, and soil erosion, and plays a large role in creating a bond between the seeds and the soil. The insulation from the mulch protects against temperature extremes and prevents seed dormancy. As the mixture goes through its natural decomposition process, it releases a wide array of nutrients into your soil that helps your seeds to thrive. These benefits allow the seeds to develop a deep rooted system and an even leaf stock pattern. Your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Prepping Your Lawn For Hydroseeding

Soil Test for Hydroseeding in Idaho FallsAnything worth doing is worth doing right. Taking the right steps to prepare your lawn for hydroseeding can help to guarantee beautiful, healthy grass that will be the talk of the neighborhood.

First, your Yardtech expert will come to test the soil and grade the lawn. This helps us to research which type of seeds and fertilizers will be best suited for your yard to give you the best results. They will go over any instructions or tips to best prepare your land before the application.

Using a rototiller before hydroseed application can help to relieve compaction, and raking out any uneven areas of dirt can help ensure a more consistent coating and an even growth. Watering any parts of the ground that are extremely dry also shows to be beneficial. Taking these steps to properly prepare your soil will reflect the health and appearance of your lawn for years to come.

Lawn Care After Hydroseeding

Lawn Care for Idaho Falls HydroseedingThere are a few steps you can take after your Idaho Falls hydroseeding services to make sure you get the best results.

The most important part to remember is to keep the mulch wet at all times. For the first two weeks lightly spray the mulch at least two to three times a day, and then one to two times a day for the two weeks following. It is important not to allow puddles to form on the lawn. The time of year may play a huge factor on how often and how much you should water your mulch. Your Yardtech expert will be able to advise you on the best after care.

You should wait to mow your lawn until the grass is at least 3 inches tall or more. Mowing stimulates growth and increases thickness. Take care not to mow more than one third of the length of the grass at a time for the first little bit.