Chemical Free Organic Lawn Care

Coming March 2020!

We now offer chemical-free organic lawn care services! Call us at (208) 357-9129 for any questions or to make an appointment!

Weed Control Organic products that kill weeds. Both on the lawn and for bare ground.

person spraying plants
We now have organic lawn care services.

In an effort to be part of a more bio-friendly and healthier solution, we are pleased to announce that we will be using new products that will kill weeds both selectively and non-selectively without the use of glyphosates or other harsh chemicals!

This means that we will still be able to eliminate broadleaf weeds on your lawns without conventional herbicides, which means a safer and healthier environment for families and pets. And, of course, for our customers who desire to continue to with conventional products, we are still happy to oblige you. The choice is yours.

The chemical we have been using for years on house foundations and interiors is called Bifenthrin. Compared to other pesticide active ingredients it is relatively safe and effective. However, we encourage you as the consumer to do your own research and decide for yourself which way to go. You’d be surprised to learn how many naturally occurring herbs have potent anti-pest properties.

Spring Services – Horticultural Oil on Trees

This is also an organic product. It’s a naturally occurring mineral oil that suffocates insects and any over-wintering eggs that are laid on the bark of a tree. This is a great way to boost the natural immune system of the tree we highly recommend this treatment. It’s safe for ornamentals and fruit trees alike. It can only be sprayed in March and April before the temps get too hot because the oil can burn the leaves and needles of trees. During the remainder of the season, we will be offering organic and conventional sprays along with injections.