Lawn Treatment Service

Lawn Treatment ServiceProviding sufficient nutrients, or fertilizer, is a key component of maintaining a healthy lawn. And more than just making your neighbors jealous, a healthy lawn helps cool the environment and improve air quality. At YardTech Inc., we offer effective lawn treatment and fertilizer services to home and business owners across Idaho Falls, ID. With an extensive knowledge of fertilizing methods and an expert landscaping team dedicated to you lawn’s health, we have the tools to rejuvenate even the most neglected-looking properties.

We Know Lawns

After an initial lawn health analysis, we’ll customize a fertilizer treatment for your particular soil type and the plant life it supports. We offer a wide variety of fertilizer treatments, and we’ll take the time to listen to your concerns and preferences when developing a customized plan for your outdoor space. Keep your Idaho Falls, ID lawn looking its best with treatment and fertilizer services from YardTech Inc. Call today for additional information or to request an estimate.

We offer a comprehensive lawn service program. Your lawn needs nutrition and protection from noxious weeds to thrive. Our program consists of three to five applications (depending on the heath and soil conditions of your lawn) that deliver nitrogen, potassium, iron, and other much needed micro-nutrients into the soil. We use slow release technology, which simply means that feed minerals such as nitrogen are slowly released into the soil over a period of 6 to 9 weeks. This technology will ensure steady and healthy growth of lawn over this time period. Some other companies will apply a quick release (because they are trying to save money) product that will green up the lawn only temporarily (two weeks or less) at the risk of burning the grass depending on moisture and temperature levels.