Idaho Falls Weed and Feed Service

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Idaho Falls Weed and Feed ServiceYardTech, Inc.’s Idaho Falls lawn fertilization can be applied in slow release granules as a stand-alone fertilizer or (most commonly) in combination with a four-way liquid herbicide (weed control). These fertilizer lawn treatments vary widely based on an initial lawn health analysis performed by a YardTech, Inc. professional. This analysis examines not only the state of the yard’s visible biota, but integrates a detailed soil profile allowing for a fully customized fertilizer treatment. There are a multitude of factors that contribute to the growth of an ever expanding variety of weeds in yards and gardens. There are just as many factors and their combinations that cause lawns to be unhealthy or dying. These factors and combinations are sometimes simple to decipher, adjust, and correct. But more often than not, a professional is required to diagnose, treat, and cure a troubled lawn.

Let’s explore weed and feed. As the term suggests, the compounds applied to areas targeted for treatment are acting in two different prescribed ways. However, the compounds are applied at the same time, their individual therapeutic effects working separately but concurrently.

Idaho Falls Weed and Feed Services

The ‘weed’ part of “weed and feed” are compounds (herbicides) used in the elimination and prevention of weeds. Examples of weeds affected by therapeutic interventions would be ground ivy, dandelions, crabgrass, thistle, clover, and spurge (to name just a small few). In their Idaho Falls weed control experience, YardTec Inc has found an effective four-way herbicide that targets and eliminates most common forms of noxious yard weeds.

The ‘feed’ part of “weed and feed” is (as the term suggests) food or more accurately, nutrients. These nutrients found in fertilizer compounds are vital to a plants health and overall appearance and condition. Examples of these nutrients would include nitrogen, iron, sulfur and potassium to name a few. More often than not, lawn fertilizer compounds come in the form of small granules roughly the size of peppercorns. These granules are then spread over the target areas to be treated and have a slow-release delivery incorporated into their design. Slow release is shown to be effective because plants and grasses are at far less risk of burning. Whereas, rapid release fertilizers tend to green a lawn for a couple weeks after application and then burn the lawn a couple weeks after treatment. Typically this slow-release therapy extends over the time span of six weeks. Over this six week span, the lawn or biota to be treated is receiving a continual supply of vital nutrients. Now one can start to see that the marriage of nutrients with herbicides in combination for therapeutic application is highly advantageous.

For Idaho Falls weed control, YardTech Inc. recommends three to four treatments per year. This provides ideal protection, prevention, and nutrition for yards all year round. During a YardTech Inc. Idaho Falls weed and feed, YardTech, Inc. professionals meticulously operate Exmark lawn sprayers. An exceptional piece of machinery, the Exmark sprayer allows for both liquid and granular compounds to be dispensed simultaneously and in a array of combinations. What this means is a superior application of therapies to yard biota in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes to implement these therapies each on their own. That comes back to you (the homeowner) in direct savings, as a technician can spend less time on your property but accomplish up to 5 times as much work.

Weed and Feed Services in Idaho FallsDedicated to the science and craft of cutting edge lawn care, YardTech, Inc. values each and every customer. Some lawn care companies will gladly take payment to treat a symptom or two a troubled lawn may be displaying. That’s not the style, way, or practice of YardTech, Inc.

YardTech, Inc. is sincerely interested in their customers concerns and strive to leave lawns in the best condition possible after weed and feed treatments are administered. In addition to quality work and service, Idaho Falls weed and feed treatments come with a 30 day warranty against new weed growth.

It’s wisest to fertilize with a slow release nutrients three to four times a year. This regime allows for a healthier better fed lawn that neighbors might even envy.