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Yardwork goes hand in hand with warm weather. When Spring rolls around, the time comes for Winter cleanup. Clearing away the old and dead to make way for a fresh, new life. Then as Summer follows up, yard maintenance is a must. It is also a great time to make improvements and changes to your landscaping. Oftentimes these tasks can become overwhelming and time-consuming. By hiring a professional landscaping service you can save yourself the headache and stress of constantly maintaining your yard.

Landscaping Services Available

Weed and Feed landscaping Services

With YardTech, there are many different landscaping services available to you. Lawn treatment services can help you maintain a healthy lawn. An initial lawn health analysis will be performed to determine just exactly what your lawn needs. Afterward, a customized fertilizer treatment made specifically for your particular soil type and plant life will be created and administered. Providing a sufficient amount of nutrients, the right ones, along with fertilizer is key to a happy and healthy lawn. YardTech is equipped with the experience and tools to help rejuvenate even the most neglected looking properties. The lawn treatment program consists of three to five slow release applications that deliver nitrogen, potassium, iron, and other micro-nutrients into the soil. Your lawn will be perked up and looking fresh in no time.

Another important part of landscaping is controlling the weeds within your yard. Weeds can be quite stubborn and difficult to deal with. YardTech’s professional landscaping help can eliminate the weeds and restore your lawn. Professional herbicides are used to target the weeds, and the weeds only, and then get rid of them. YardTech uses an effective four-way herbicide for the weed control services. Hard to kill weeds such as clover, thistle, crabgrass, dandelions and ground ivy will be taken care of with the weed control services. The weed control services can be administered at the same time as your lawn treatment services! It is recommended to have three to four weed and fee treatments a year to keep your lawn fresh.

About YardTech Landscaping

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YardTech is dedicated to the science and the art of lawn care. Each customer is valued and will be given the time needed to address all their concerns. Along with the high-quality landscaping services, a 30-day warranty is guaranteed against new weed growth. YardTech has been in the lawn care business since 2006, and the knowledge and experience are shown in their quality work. They specialize in lawn and yard care, sprinkler services, weed control, landscaping, and tree and shrub services. Idaho Falls, Shelley, Rigby, Ririe, Menan, Rexburg, Sugar City, St. Anthony and Ashton are the lucky areas that get to be serviced by YardTech Inc. Call today and get the very best prices of the season.